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Parent Advisory Council

Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

In an effort to promote and increase parental involvement and leadership, the Achieve Charter School Board of Directors developed the Parent Advisory Council (PAC).

The PAC is an advisor to the staff and to the Board of Directors, suggesting items for action or attention, and reports directly to the Principal. The PAC also supervises and organizes parent volunteers, appoints and supervises the various parent committees, and conducts fundraising events.

The PAC meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Please check out our school newsletters for more info about time and location details. This is an appointed committee of the School Board of Directors and will abide by all open meeting laws and be conducted according to the Brown Act. All Achieve Charter School parents will be encouraged to attend. 

2022-23 PAC Representatives:
The following parents were elected to the Parent Advisory Council:
  • Kindergarten: Carolyn Ahumada 
  • 1st Grade: Hayley Wright
  • 2nd Grade: Rachael Thomason
  • 3rd Grade: Kate Boese
  • 4th Grade: Charis Rash
  • 5th Grade: Veronica Salinas 
  • 6th Grade: Jennifer Curtis
  • 7th Grade: Tamara Trulin
  • 8th Grade: Stephanie Lewis
  • Kindergarten: Rebecca Percell 
  • 1st Grade: Kristen Fleck
  • 2nd Grade: Mishawn Delgado
  • 3rd Grade: Renee Kerney
  • 4th Grade: Megan Latta
  • 5th Grade: Jenn Brooks
March 2020: Achieve's Auction at Silver Dollar Fairgrounds

March 2020: Achieve's Auction at Silver Dollar Fairgrounds